The Beauty And The Beast


Karel lives with his partner Pepijn de Korte… at Archeon in Holland. His name will most likely be Charles, if Karel was an English ox. But he isn’t. Eventhough his ancestors came from Scotland a long long time ago .

Archeon is a open air museum with many historical sites. There you can meet Roman soldiers, knights, vikings,basketmakers from the Middle Ages and many many more. And yes… they all are alive! We call them re-enactors and they do a wonderful job to show us, people from the 21st century, how life must have been in those days.

Karel is a giant, furry, deep dark brown animal with funny but gentle eyes andtogether with Pepijn, he often works hard to pull the hay wagon. In his free time he does nothing but sleep, eat and watching the many visitors of Archeon.

When you see Karel for the first time, you might like to run away, but… believe me, he is the one of the sweetest creatures hanging around.Whatever you like to do when meeting Karel… don’t ever try to annoy this sweet guy and he will turn into a roaring beast very quickly!

Today, Karel has found a little yellow friend to trust his little secrets to. Ofcourse… the dandelion is not too happy about the huge snout in front of her all the time.

What do you think?

Will Karel ever kiss his little yellow friend or not?{:}

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  1. Dit blijft een toppertje!